“The Canadian Armed Forces has changed the way they test soldiers to the new FORCE test. Connie helped me prepare for this test by pushing my limits with heavier weights, dynamic movement, squats, lunges and so much more. During this time, I was never once injured and felt that with Connie’s positive support and structured Boot Camp classes I was able to pass the FORCE test with time to spare. As a mother of twins I don’t have time to be injured and Connie took me from poor physical condition to a person who will take on new physical challenges, like the Spartan Race. It’s more than just meeting your goals, working out with Connie will change your life!”

- C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

Connie is one of those rare professionals that has it all and can do it all.  She is the quintessential essential trainer that has the personal attention to service, the technical eye for proper application of training principles, and the academic background to understand the ‘why’ of training principles.  Connie also has a gift for teaching.  She is a consummate educator with exceptional organizational people skills.  I’m proud to consider  her a cherished friend and a respected colleague. JC Santana

JC Santana - CEO of The Institute of Human Performance, Boca Raton, FL

Connie  provides a positive environment making the workouts fun and rewarding.   Her  programs are all challenging by  adding new exercises to the routine.  Going to her workouts provides me an added boost of energy which makes me feel good. She is not the trainer that you see at other gyms; she will sit down with you to tailor the workouts according to your needs. She is very technical  allowing  safety  and  full benefit to your workouts so you will see differences in your overall health.    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to have fun and stay motivated with the workouts. Dave

Dave - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

I have a lot to thank Connie for, I’ve been attending her boot camp for just over 4 months and the change I feel is incredible. I’ve never been an athletic person, but for the first time in my life I know what it is like to feel strong! I would never have imagined I could keep up with a ‘boot camp’ routine, however Connie provides a very welcoming and non-threatening environment for her clients. She encourages us to work at our pace, but is always motivating us to improve. Connie’s boot camp is highly addictive and as well as providing an awesome workout routine, Connie regularly offers nutritional advice to help us all feel as good as possible. It has made a huge difference in my life to have met Connie and I am excited about the change I’ve already noticed in how I look and feel.

Thanks a million Connie!- Jen

Jen - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

Training with Connie has been so enjoyable and rewarding. She is always prepared, organized, and keeps me motivated with her positive energy. For the first time in my life, I actually look forward to exercising. In just a few months, I already feel stronger and more confident in my day-to-day life. Thanks so much, Connie, for keeping me focused and for sharing your wealth of knowledge. I feel like a new person! – Paula


Paula - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

I started with Connie during the summer at her outdoor bootcamp. One of the things that struck me about Connie’s program is the way in which she modifies her routines either through the use of different equipment or by using the existing landscape (hills). For someone like me, that is really important since I tend to get bored very easily. I continued on with her indoor program once the outdoor season came to an end. Her in-home facility is so well equipped it puts some commercial facilities to shame! And as such, she is able to modify her indoor routines as well. Connie is brilliant at motivating people to do their best, encouraging us when we feel we just can’t go on and not letting us use excuses (age, fatigue) as a reason to not give it our all. That said, she understands that sometimes giving it our all varies from day to day! And finally, Connie doesn’t focus on “the numbers” (weight, inches) it’s all about feeling good and getting fit with the added bonus of losing those inches and pounds. – Debbie


Debbie - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

After a decade of having very little time or energy to focus on personal fitness, I joined Connie’s boot camp. It has been just 4 months now and I already feel like a new person! Connie has helped me to achieve a much better fitness level and weight in such a short time. Now I actually look forward to exercising… the boot camp is a lot of fun and I’ve met some really nice people there. Connie is down to earth and motivating. I feel so much happier about my health. I plan to continue with Connie as long as I can. She has a gift for making the workouts challenging and enjoyable for each person in the class, regardless of fitness level. She is knowledgeable and she is a great teacher. Thank you so much Connie, for giving me a little piece of myself back! – Karen


Karen - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

Pre and Post TarynWhen I joined Connie’s group training classes a year and a half ago, I had no idea what a huge transformation I would go through. At that point I was at the heaviest weight I had ever been in my life (and climbing) and did not have any specific fitness or health goals. Through Connie’s classes and influence she inspired me to overhaul my exercise regime, diet and overall outlook on health. This led to substantial weight loss and tremendous gains in strength and energy. Connie’s positive attitude, passion, creativity and vast knowledge of fitness and training is what makes her classes so special and downright addictive! Not only are Connie’s classes a place to work hard but they are also a place to learn and laugh. With Connie’s guidance I have achieved results that seemed unimaginable only a year and a half ago. Thank you Connie, I would not have made all of these changes if it wasn’t for you! – Taryn

Taryn - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

I have been working with Connie for a year now and I have never been this fit in my life! I really look forward to her sessions – she always has a positive and upbeat attitude. She makes training enjoyable by providing a variety of exercises to keep things interesting and to challenge you in different ways. Plus she shows a genuine interest in your improvement and stays connected through email, etc. – providing the motivation and encouragement needed to see results. – Deborah

Deborah - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

Up until four years ago, I was blessed with good health. At that time, things began to change beginning with very inflammed hands. (for a piano teacher, this is concerning) This was followed by difficulty breathing, extremely dry eyes and mouth, inflammed feet and most recently aching joints and muscles, especially knees. Needless to say, this was accompanied by a large element of fatigue.

My family doctor, respirologist and rheumatologist struggled with a diagnosis. The one thing that was conclusive was the presence of Shjögren’s syndrome (dry eyes and mouth) which usually accompanies arthritis. Regardless, they attempted to deal with my symptoms. I was reluctantly prescribed prednisone. Then I endured 8 months of chemo which was not successful. They replaced this with a treatment of methotrexate which appeared to help to slow the advancement of the condition(s) and I was tolerating it. This remains a weekly event for me but can be administered at home. During this time, I tried to take good care of myself adjusting my lifestyle and getting lots of rest. My husband and family have been a tremendous support.

Two years ago, my respirologist had the idea that I should join a health club and work with a personal trainer. This was a revelation to me as I was of the opinion that when I was gasping for air, I should go and sit down! While my fitness history would describe me as never a jock of any kind, I had always done aerobics or something of the sort and dabbled in yoga. So off I went to Goodlife, just down the street feeling VERY apprehensive. I had received a recommendation to ask for Connie.

She asked a lot of questions and took my stats including my dreaded weight which was excessive due to the prednisone. We met twice a week. She was gentle with me at the beginning and extremely patient, both of which I required. My very first recollections are of feeling more energy when I left each session. This was very welcome. As I progressed (and I did progress), I began to feel stronger and a bit more confident.

After two years, I have achieved a manageable routine which Connie is constantly challenging. The health results of my recent check ups are very encouraging with my breathing improving from 60% to 90% and I am completely off prednisone for almost a month now. As an added bonus, I have lost 23 of the 50 pounds I gained. There is no question that this fitness programme has been of great benefit to me and I plan to continue for as long as I can keep up with Connie’s plans.

Thank you Connie.

Joan C - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

I never had a personal trainer before but after almost 10 years of inactivity (and many gym memberships during that time) I decided to find someone to help me get on track. My neighbour recommended Connie and I will forever be in her debt. Connie was the answer to my prayers. She understood my goals and my reservations and provided me just the right amount of motivation, the right exercises and the right advice that has put me on a more fit, healthier path in life. I have lost 10 pounds, 9.5 inches and 3% body fat in four short months. But more importantly, I have also built enough overall strength to lift and transfer my beautiful son, who is in a wheelchair. I am not afraid of the future and how I might be able to take care of him. I am strong, confident and feel fabulous. I don’t think Connie realizes the impact she has had on me and my very special little boy, but I will always cherish her influence in my life. Thank you Connie.

Kelli - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

Dear Connie,

I just wanted to extend my congratulations and express the great pleasure I and my colleagues had in meeting you and spending two exciting days together. It is refreshing to know that there are Personal Trainers with as much to offer as our “Top Ten” clearly displayed. Whether or not you chose to work at IHP, you are to be commended for the level of professionalism and excellence you clearly exhibit. Feel free to use the fact that you were one of the “Top Ten” in the first-ever Fitness Apprentice Hunt for any publicity, any future career opportunities, or any by-lines for works you may publish in the future. The establishment of this event will be instrumental in helping our industry to gain the respect and recognition we deserve, so as a finalist you deserve to be recognized both as a pioneer and a leader.

Phil Kaplan - on the International Apprentice Hunt, philkaplan.com, South Florida

Dear Connie,

Having you there by my side since this summer listening to all I’ve been going through has helped me enormously and allowed me to regain some form of control in my Iife despite everything else I couldn’t control. I really feel like I got to know my body and its limits and this lifestyle change is with me for life!


Lori - Former GoodLife Fitness client, Ottawa

I have been training with Connie for five months now. This is the longest I have ever kept with a decision to exercise. I can’t count the number of times I started some physical training, with the best intentions in the world, and it would never last more than a few weeks. I hated, repeat HATED exercising, any exercise. So any excuse was good to get out of it.

The weight crept up through the years, but what scared me most of all was my increasing difficulty with things I used to do easily: go up a flight of stairs, go for a walk, tie my shoes, get down on the floor to play with my grandchildren. I was only in my mid 50s and feeling like 70.

I had thought of personal trainers before but never had the nerve to go ahead with it. I contacted Connie and immediately felt comfortable booking a consultation with her. She sounded so nice and made me feel I could do this. She spent a lot of time just asking me questions, getting to know me, finding out why my past attempts at exercising had failed. Then, our training started and I was the most surprised of all: I actually enjoyed it!

Connie is more than a personal trainer, she is a professional trainer. That makes a tremendous difference. She knows what she is doing, how to motivate us, how to get the best out of us, how to solve problems, how to change your life. With my family, she is the best thing that has happened to me in a long while. Thank you, Connie, you are the best!

A. Asselin - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

Dear Connie,

I really appreciate your encouragement and support in an ongoing basis with my fitness. Thanks for believing in me, especially when I don’t believe in myself.

Jenn - Former GoodLife Fitness client, Ottawa

My personal training experience has been a real positive aspect in my life. I joined a gym three years ago, and a little over a year ago I was interested in getting a personal trainer. I approached the staff at the gym and they suggested that I hire Connie B, who they said was quite good and extremely knowledgeable on how to properly train a person. So with that in mind, I sat down with her and she knew exactly what I wanted and needed to achieve the results that I was looking for. I wanted to lose fat and tone up. Connie trained me for over a year and I did get the results. I was extremely happy! Connie was very dedicated in supporting me each session making sure I gave it my all. Most importantly she always ensured that I was doing the exercises and weights properly with the correct form! One quote that Connie always said, which I will carry with me forever is, “It’s QUALITY not quantity”. I can’t emphasize how true that is. I will continue to train with Connie as she has been excellent in training my body to the best it can be. I strongly recommend her.

Lee - Former GoodLife Fitness client, Ottawa

I went through 5 different trainers that just could not give me the results I needed, until I was introduced to Connie. The first day we started, I knew there was something different about her style of training. We talked about my goals and more importantly how I was eating. She taught me about how food and how our bodies work; what I was currently doing and modifications I should make. Then we started our physical training. She brought different methods to weight training, her style is so unorthodox, than any other trainer I have seen before. She knew when to push me and when to ease off. My results are better then I imagined. Not only did I lose the fat I wanted and gained the muscle that I needed, but I was educated on how to eat properly and alter my lifestyle. That’s the best foundation that any trainer can offer you.

Thanks Connie, you rock!


George T - Former Sports Clubs of Canada client, Toronto

I have been working with Connie for over a year and a half and I can honestly say that she has seen me through different seasons in my life, from my most committed to least motivated and everywhere in between. I have worked with other trainers in the past, but what sets Connie apart is her ability to discern when I need the extra push to finish a set, or encouragement to break through mental barriers. Beyond being my trainer, she is my biggest supporter, my cheerleader and my friend. Connie will make you work hard and give you the tools to improve your health and fitness. The best part is that you will have fun doing it! The decision to work with Connie was the best one I ever could have made.

Jennifer - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

Connie’s professionalism, encouragement and positive attitude have given me a new lease on life. After just four months, I’ve lost 10 inches and 15
pounds. More importantly, at 56, I have finally embraced a healthier,
balanced lifestyle. Better late than never!!

Catherine - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

Connie is a great motivator, always pushing you to your physical limits, in a very fun, encouraging atmosphere. She does a great job tailoring work-outs to your personal goals, working on weak areas, and setting up your at-home work-out program. She is a strong promoter of proper nutrition, cross-training, and work-out variations (despite my groans of dismay at times, I really enjoy being thrown new exercises or twists on existing exercises that really work the muscles in different, great ways). I always leave exhausted, but feeling great! Without Connie, I would not have qualified for the Boston Marathon in my second-ever marathon. And without her work-outs and encouragement every week, I would not be this ready for the Boston Marathon (in 2 months).

Jeff S - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa

After having my second baby I was determined to lose the weight I had gained.  In just 6 weeks I was able to follow Connie’s guidelines for my diet and exercise and I have already lost the weight and more importantly the inches!!  I can fit back into my “normal” clothes now.   Connie definitely challenges me every time I go, I look forward to it, knowing I will feel great (and tired!)  when I leave. I look forward to working with her for the long haul as I now remember how good it feels to be fit!

Sydney S - C.U.Fit Studio Client, Ottawa
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