A Day of Collaboration, Education, Motivation and Inspiration!


Getting together with others who share in the same passion and you, is inspiring. Learning new research from professional presenters, is educational. Inspiration and education, keep you moving forward in fitness. For that reason, we are once again welcoming you

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New Year, New You! Give yourself a boost!

Body Boost 2017 Image

One of the main reasons people fail at their health/fitness goal is due to a lack of structure, accountability and progress. If you’ve decided that you want to give yourself a BOOST this year, then let me help you! I

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The Ultimate Nutrition Day

Fitness Pro Summit Mini Series 2016

Maximize your training results and join us on May 7th for an exciting day of learning! Open to Fitness Professionals, Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts! www.activateexpo.ca

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Top 10 Reasons to Make Strength Training your Exercise Priority

Connie Beaulieu - C.U. Fit Personal Training

While any movement is better than no movement at all, Strength (Resistance) Training yields far greater results than most other forms of exercise. Here are 10 reasons why you want to ensure you are incorporating resistance in your workouts three

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Our 2015 Outdoor Boot Camp Program Starting Soon!

Bootcamp logo

Riverside South’s Largest Outdoor Boot Camp returns for it’s 8th season strong! All dates and times have been posted below and to our website. This program is extremely popular, so reserve your spot today! No Challenge, No Change!  2015 Dates

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The Importance of Hydration


One of the most commonly overlooked micronutrient in our diet is water. Micronutrients are essential for our survival and considering that 60% of our body is made up of water, we need to understand how vital it is to our

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Activate Health and Fitness Expo


We are the proud producers of the exciting, upcoming Activate Health and Fitness Expo at the EY Centre on May 3rd and 4th. With Extreme Makeover’s Chris Powell and celebrity trainers, Tommy Europe, Todd Durkin, Sgt Ken and more… Activate Expo

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Top 10 things to consider when beginning an exercise program


As a new year sets upon us, so do resolutions! This is a very busy time in the fitness world, where many people decide to start a new journey to fitness, or simply dust off the sneakers. While many people

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Understanding the purpose and value of our unique Metabolic S.W.E.A.T Indoor Group Training program


This program was created for 2 important reasons: 1) Many client training inquires and requests were for the same time slots during the week and 2) For those seeking to lessen the cost of Personal Training, while still understanding the

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5 ways to FALL back to FITness

People running in the autumn race

Sadly, as summer begins to leave us, we are not only left with cooler weather, but quite often a few extra pounds.  Summer holidays, BBQs, and poolside cocktails all take a toll on the waistline!  Exercise regimes have been put

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