Since 2005, Connie has been on the front line of Personal Trainer education and certification. You can find her teaching PTS or HWL with canfitpro, or hosting a CEC workshop for trainers to obtain credits towards their certification. Most recently, Connie launched The ACTIVATE FitCon in 2014. This annual event is a unique educational experience for Fitness Professionals, Athletes and Enthusiasts, that teaches the latest trends, research and tips in Nutrition, Training and Performance.



Connie belongs to canfitpro’s team of PRO TRAINERS (professional trainers) across Canada, who instruct and certify ‘Personal Trainer Specialist’ and ‘Nutrition and Wellness’ candidates. Canfitpro is an industry leader in affordable, attainable, and high-quality fitness certification.  Recognized across Canada and around the world.

Connie was awarded ‘canfitpro’s 2008-2009 Participants Choice Pro Trainer of the Year’!

PTS Certification Course (Personal Training Specialist)

Topics include:

  • Aspects of fitness, wellness and basic training principles
  • Fitness theory: skeletal, muscular, neurological, cardiovascular and pulmonary systems
  • Components of a workout from warm-up, cardiovascular and resistance training to cool-down
  • Kinesiology/anatomy in action and bioenergetics
  • Nutritional counseling and weight management
  • Screening and assessment of new clients
  • Business skills for success as a personal trainer

Visit for more detailed information and to register for one of Connie’s upcoming courses! Learn from someone that lives Personal Training every day and has an extensive background and experience!



HWL Certification Course (Healthy Weight Loss Coach)

With rates of overweight and obesity rising steadily in Canada and increasing evidence linking excess fat and inactivity to health problems we knew it was time to provide fitness professionals a new way to work with their clients.  canfitpro is very excited to announce that our newest certification program, Healthy Weight Loss Coach, is now available!  We have collaborated with the best nutrition authors to provide you cutting edge content that is delivered in a straight forward manner so you can confidently help clients make better choices, more often, lose weight, and lead healthier lives!  This new program features online education, an eManual, and a live course with a PRO TRAINER providing you everything you need to help your clients be successful.

The new ‘Healthy Weight Loss Coach’ certification is not replacing the previous NWS program, as it is very different in content, with a focus on client weight loss.  If you hold a current NWS certification there is no action required from you at this point; you will soon receive communication clearly outlining your certification and options for pursuing additional credentials.

Along with the newest certification program we are launching the Fundamentals of Nutrition webinar which is free, yes free(!), for you!  We invite you to share this educational resource with your clients, friends, or family to help them better understand nutrition and make sense of the information they hear in the media.  After viewing the webinar you will have the option of completing a quiz in order to obtain a certificate. Visit for more details!

Upcoming NWL Dates posted soon…

To register for any upcoming exam or course, please visit canfitpro at

One on One or Group tutoring is available.

Contact Connie today for more information.

Bringing Fitness to the Arctic!

In early 2008, Connie had the opportunity to instruct the PTS course in Iqaluit, Nunavut, which resulted in 2 certified fitness professionals for Atii Fitness Centre.

Feb 2009 – Another successful trip to Iqaluit. Congrats to the 5 new PTs at Atii Fitness Centre!

May 2010 – Connie brought the Nutrition & Wellness Specialist course to Iqaluit. Congrats to the 7 new NWS at Atii!

February 2013 – Another 7 new PTS candidates at Atii Fitness Centre!


Connie is the Canadian Representative for The Institute of Human Performance, directed by Juan Carlos Santana.



Juan   Carlos “JC” Santana designed his world renowned Institute of Human Performance   (IHP) to train and educate the best.  At his IHP, JC has trained the best combat   warriors the world has ever seen, from MMA superstars to elite military and   special operations units.  Strength and conditioning professionals from all over   the world also come to IHP to learn and experience JC’s training systems.    However, it is hard for many to ever make the pilgrimage to IHP in Boca Raton,   Florida to see JC and his staff in action.   With this reality in mind, JC   listened to the requests of his students, athletes and colleagues and created   the first combat strength and conditioning certification system ever created.     This certification system specializes in the Strength and conditioning for the   Modern Gladiator, coincidently the name of JC’s best selling combat training   book.

MMA is   the fastest growing sport right now and the need for a sophisticated training   system is mandatory is essential to success.  However, few MMA strength and   conditioning coaches and athletes have the time to go back to school and get a   4-year degree in exercise science and then get the practical experience needed   to optimally combine theory and practice.   For this reason JC Santana has   developed the MMA Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach certification.  This   certificate combines JC’s 30 plus years of practical experience and his 20 years   of formal education into one program.  Now, the MMA coach and athlete can learn   complex training systems in a simple, easy to understand   format!


IHP Functional Training Specialist Diploma Courses

Level I, Level II, Level   III
are Coming to a Town Near You!
Location: Ottawa, ON

Dates: TBD

Finally! There is a Functional Training   Specialist Diploma Course being offered by someone who has earned the academic credentials, has authored more than 60 titles, has been on the international   lecture circuit for 10 years, has created his own fitness facility from the   ground up—and who TRAINS PEOPLE EVERY DAY!

Juan Carlos “JC” Santana’s Institute of   Human Performance (IHP) Functional Training Specialist Diploma Course provides today’s fitness professional with the most advanced and practical information in   the fitness industry. Whether you work in rehabilitation, in athletics, with youths, with seniors, train one-on-one, or train in groups, the IHP Functional Training Specialist Diploma Course will simplify everything and teach you   real-world training techniques!

Be one of the first to be recognized as an official “Functional Training Specialist” in your part of town. This certification is one of a kind and was developed by world-renowned Juan Carlos “JC” Santana. The IHP Personal Trainer Functional Training Certification is an 16-hour, 2-day course. This certification is recommended for students who are interested in learning REAL functional Training from the best!

The Functional Training Specialist Course comes directly from our Functional Training: Breaking the Bonds of Traditionalism book and DVD. This course covers major concepts of functional training, such as the history, the functional training environment, evaluation techniques, driving functional movement, functional modalities, and basic program design. Upon successful completion of this course the student is awarded the IHP Functional Training Personal Trainer DIPLOMA.

Why Choose the Functional Training   Specialist Diploma Course?

In response to the great demand we have received   from my clients, customers, friends, and colleagues, we have decided to design a Functional Training Specialist Diploma Course that provides REAL TIME functional training philosophy, systems, methods, and techniques. The   decision to embark on this intense educational journey was not been easy. For many years we have trusted the major organizations to certify fitness   professionals and provide them with the latest information on training. Although these certification organizations do a great job of at providing basic education   and certifying fitness professionals, most certifications are behind the times on providing cutting edge, practical applications.

Having been involved in the best certification processes in the fitness industry, we understand the strengths and weaknesses of the current certifications offered to fitness professionals. Some certifications   put such a heavy emphasis on traditional academic knowledge and scientific data   that they lag on the practical aspect of performance enhancement and personal   training methods. Sometimes being “science-based” means you are behind the times   by 10-15 years. Other certifications are designed by therapists who are trying   to turn everyone else into therapists. As anyone that has gone through physical   therapy can attest to, therapy and personal training are nothing alike –so why   should the education be? Finally, other certifications are designed by people   who have never owned a gym, have never coached or trained anyone, and—in some   cases—have never exercised a day in their lives. In my opinion, if you have not   lived it, you can’t teach it! So who are you, as a personal trainer, going to   trust? You are going to trust an organization who speaks specifically to your   needs, your wants, your fears, your strengths, your challenges, your triumphs,   and your world. IHP is that organization and JC Santana is that person, the one   who feels what you feel, sees what you see, and works how you work!

What’s Included in the IHP Specialist Courses?

A live 16 hour course with JC Santana, all course material (book and DVD) and all exam material.

Functional Training Specialist $599USD

MMA Certified Strength & Conditioning Coach $599 USD

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