Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle

iStock_000004953783XSmallNo matter how much you exercise, eating right is equally as important. Without the proper consumption in a day, you are jeopardizing your health in many ways…low energy levels, increased and/or stubborn body fat, lack of lean muscle, poor digestion, irritability, mood swings, fatigue, etc… If you are putting in the effort to exercise, you must put in the effort to eat right. Let us show you how to make it an easy part of your lifestyle.

This program is excellent for those that need guidance, education and support in the area of Nutrition! Each 4 week plan includes:

  • Assessment of needs and goals. Form to be completed
  • Examination of nutritional background and current 7 day food log review
  • Lifestyle Analysis
  • Education on various nutrition topics and latest trends
  • Education on essential nutrients
  • Learn how to read a food label and make smart choices at the grocery store
  • Learn how to develop your own healthy meals that are sustainable for life
  • Ongoing support for 4 weeks via email. One mandatory weekly check-in email or phone call

Start your Individual Nutritional Guidance today!

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