Private Sessions

The benefits of having your own Personal Trainer are endless. Some of these benefits include:

  • Individual Attention…someone is there monitoring your technique and intensity of each exercise. Are you working hard enough to attain results and more importantly are you doing it correctly?
  • Customized Fitness Plans…whether you have a chronic injury, illness or specific goal to attain, you can be sure this program will be tailored specifically to you!
  • Motivation…when you say “I can’t”, we will show you that you can! We are as passionate about your goals as you are.
  • Accountability…someone is waiting for you!
  • Variety…tired of the same ole’ routine? Most people are! Changing your program frequently (every 2-6 weeks) ensures continuous progress towards your goal.
  • Increased Results…following a professionally designed plan will give you far superior results than any magazine or internet source.
  • Safety of Exercise…ensures you are achieving the most benefit from every exercise and avoid injury.

At S.W.E.A.T.® Inc, we take our job seriously. We are professional Personal Trainers with the ability to motivate, teach and guide you towards your goal!

Everybody can benefit from a Professional Personal Trainer!

Session Rates vary from $35-$100

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