Semi-Private Sessions

Why not train with a friend, spouse, parent or child and get fit together?! The benefits of Semi-Private training are similar to Private Personal Training, but you can share the cost and fun with 1 other person! It is a win-win scenario.

The benefits of training with a Personal Trainer are endless. Some of these benefits include:

  • Individual Attention…someone is there monitoring your technique and intensity of each exercise. Are you working hard enough to attain results and more importantly are you doing it correctly?
  • Customized Fitness Plans…whether you have a chronic injury, illness or specific goal to attain, you can be sure this program will be tailored specifically to you!
  • Motivation…when you say “I can’t”, we will show you that you can! We are as passionate about your goals as you are.
  • Accountability…someone is waiting for you!
  • Variety…tired of the same ole’ routine? Most people are! Changing your program frequently (every 2-6 weeks) ensures continuous progress towards your goal.
  • Increased Results…following a professionally designed plan will give you far superior results than any magazine or internet source.
  • Safety of Exercise…ensures you are achieving the most benefit from every exercise and avoid injury.

At C.U.Fit Personal Training, we take our job seriously. We are professional Personal Trainers with the ability to motivate, teach and guide you towards your goal!

Everybody can benefit from a Professional Personal Trainer!

Semi-Private Session Rates vary from $35-$45 per person

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