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The ONLINE Body Boost Program is an effective solution for people that are ready to take their Health and Fitness to the next level of change, and become more accountable to a Certified Personal Trainer within a group of positive, supportive individuals. You can dive in as deep as you want, as often as you want and from where you want, so that you may transform your nutrition, exercise and lifestyle, in order to become the best version of YOU!

This is NOT a “diet”, a “30 day challenge”, “21 day change” or a “24 day transformation”. This is an educational platform for you to take control of your own nutrition and exercise. No fads, no gimmicks, no secret potions; just real information, for real results that last!

You will be provided with a nutrition information package, recipes for success, a sample meal plan, exercise tips, online group support via private FB page, motivation, advice and guidance. Have a burning question, want to bust a myth or get clarity in this confusing industry? You can do it all here! This program will help you lose weight or inches, manage stress, increase energy, fight cravings and feel better overall. You will transform yourself from the inside out!

This program will teach you WHAT to do, versus focusing on what not to do. It will also include weekly Q&A and a open forum to keep you on track! It includes whole-foods, a balanced plan, workouts, tips and tricks to create long term success.

Before you dive in, you must be ready to make changes, and be ready for change. Do you feel “coachable” and ready to make a positive commitment? You must want results, and ready to be free of excuses. You should be open to prioritizing time required to meal prep and exercise every week – as this is fundamental for your program to be a success. A healthy mindset is a MUST for this program to work.  If you’re not “ready”, let me know and I can help take you there! I am a busy mom of 2 young kids, a wife and a (multiple stream) business owner. I get it – life is crazy, but I want to help you feel incredible, because you deserve it…and need it!

A small overview of what to expect:

- Obtain a list of healthy foods to include in your diet and how to find the right balance

- A sample week-by-week meal plan

- Learn how to plan and prepare your own weekly meals

- Healthy Recipes

- Grocery Lists

- Reduce common inflammatory foods like Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, etc.

- Measurements before and after

- A 4 week Workout Plan that you can do at home OR at your gym (IF not training personally with Connie)

- Unlimited Q & A on Facebook Forum

- Email contact


What others are saying…

“Loved the Body Boost program – easy to follow, educational and created an environment that encouraged me to be successful. I saw big results in my body (losing inches), but I also had more energy and felt less of the winter blues” – C.C.

“Thank you so much! I couldn’t have done it without your help, so grateful for everything you put into the program and kicking my butt in training. The results I got in January have motivated me to stay on track and have a killer February as well!!” – B.P.

“I really liked the recipes, the way we can follow it easily. When I have a defined plan, I find it much easier.” – S.O.

“The Body Boost program was easy to follow and helped our family to discover some new healthy meal options. Hummus chicken was a fan favourite!” – K.T.

“The Body Boost program was just what I needed to refocus on my health after the holiday season. I lost 7lbs and several inches by following Connie’s easy and delicious meal plans and committing to her workouts.” – T.H.

“I just want to take this time to thank Connie! This month has been an amazing journey. I have learned so much and broken so many bad habits. I have come to realize healthy food can actually taste good and have rediscovered the joy of cooking meals at home and being ready for the week ahead. I have always struggled with weight. When I started working out with Connie last May, I was at one of my highest weights and knew I needed something different. Sticking to the workouts and trying to eat healthy helped me lose 20lbs. However like the three years before, I would lose the 20lbs and then call it quits slowly gaining it all back. This was exactly what I was doing when the Body Boost program started… the pounds were slowly creeping back on and I was eating out several times a week. With this program I am so happy to say I have finally overcome the 20lb block and am quickly approaching 30lbs lost! I have never felt better, and each day more and more people are noticing the changes to my body. This is not the end of my journey, instead, the foundation I have been lacking to make this my lifestyle and not a fad diet. I am still nervous I will fall back into my old habits but am confident with the support of Connie and this group I will stick to it! Thanks for an amazing start to 2016!!” – B.P.


More real life stories…Meet Brianna…


Brianna has been training with us for several months but had a hard time breaking through a plateau physically and mentally. Within one month, she crashed that plateau with a 11.2lb weight loss and 13 inches. MORE importantly, Brianna has made some significant lifestyle changes. As a Ward Nurse, Brianna works overnights and an erratic schedule. If you’ve ever known a shift worker, it’s really really tough on the body – both weight wise and health wise. When you are up all night, all the body wants is carbs. At the nurses station, often you will find quick take out/deliveries or sugary treats to keep them awake all night during their stressful shift. SO,Brianna set some goals for herself in January and stuck to them – “lose 10lbs”, “workout 3 times a week” (she did 3-4), “don’t eat out” (she only did once). When she performs her workouts, she trains HARD and silently lifts an absurd amount of weight (hehe). She is strong, focused and has crushed her January goals and people are noticing it in her inner circle.


About Connie – Connie has over 17 years of experience “in the trenches” training clients. Through her Personal Training career, Connie has transformed many lives and continues to encourage people to ‘live life fit’ everyday. She believes that everyone deserves to live a life feeling confident, healthy and strong. Connie has been educating individuals for over 10 years with canfitpro (Canadian Fitness Professionals) as a PRO TRAINER – giving her the experience in providing Personal Training and Nutrition education to others. Through her College and University education, Connie has vast knowledge and credentials as a health and fitness professional and she has been featured on CTV, The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post and Chatelaine. Most importantly, as a busy mom of 2 young kids, a wife, and an entrepreneur, Connie understands LIFE! As a strong advocate of balance, she believes in finding a program that encourages you to adapt a change for a lifetime, not a timeframe. No fad diets or fad workouts, just real, adaptable programs.

NOTE: This program is solely based online and requires a 3 month commitment. 1 month option is also available.  If you are looking for a more individualized plan with live one on one nutrition coaching and/or customized workout program, please contact me today and begin at any time! 

Let’s get started today!!



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